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Here are a few facts about our firewood and our delivery system.

  • All hardwood firewood can be cut at 16",18",20", or 22". We can split the normal homeowner firewood for the typical indoor stove or even the outdoor boiler wood with our new processor.

  • All firewood orders are delivered and dumped into a pile at the customer's house. Customers can also pick up firewood at our yard on route 20 in Sharon Springs.

  • Firewood is usually dumped on driveway or close to the driveway and has to have easy access and level ground.

  • All full cords are full 4' x 4' x 8' split cords.

  • When you order from us you can be assured that the quality and quantity is at the highest expectations.

  • There is no sales tax on firewood

  • All prices are good up to 15 miles from Sharon Springs.

  • Reliable, on time, and immediate delivery.

Fresh cut green firewood mixed hardwoods

We only deliver by the full truckload for green orders.

$ 200 per cord

2 Full Cord Truck Special $400 delivered within 15 miles of Sharon Springs


Outdoor Furnace Wood mixed hardwoods

This is all cut around 20" long  8" wide max

2 Full Cord Truck Special $380 delivered($190/cord) free delivery within 15 miles of sharon springs


Semi Seasoned Ash (We have 16'' or 20'')

$230 per cord     added delivery fee for one cord order

2 Full Cord Truck Special $460 delivered(230/cord) free delivery within 15 miles of sharon springs


Mix Seasoned hard maple with ash 16"

$250 per cord    added delivery for one cord order

2 Full Cord truck special $500 delivered free delivery within 15 miles of sharon springs


Heat treated Seasoned firewood (dried with a heat drying system not mother nature related)

1 full cord $310 plus delivery

2 full cord truck special $620 ($310 per cord) free delivery within 15 miles of sharon springs

Most Premium Product of firewood.  Wood is dry never sees weather very clean  Look on heat treated seasoned page for more info.



Prices updated Nov 15, 2019

To place an order please call David at 518-231-0175 or send us an email.  

Get in touch with any questions.